Training facilities

Ice rink

is located in the urban area, five minutes from downtown. Ice hockey rink the hall in which there is a playing area for ice hockey, bleachers for spectators, 14 dressing rooms for players, dressing for public skating, dressing room for the referee dressing room for coaches, physiotherapy, office management ice rink, two refreshment kiosks, shop hockey needs. The hall continues building machine room and a garage for the snow blower snow pit. Hockey Hall was completed in 1998 and in 1999 was reconstructed board. In the eastern grandstand is located nine dressing rooms for players. In the western grandstand are 3 dressing rooms completely equipped, including two dressing rooms are interconnected. Each dressing room has its own shower and toilet. Rehabilitation - a whirlpool tub for 12 people, 2 whirlpools, massage room, rest room.




Football ground

Winter is situated between the stadium and tennis courts. Along with an indoor pool and water park in one of the other side creates a magnificent sports complex, where even the most demanding of athletes find their place in sports.



Athletic stadium

with the newly built modern surface.


Summer swimming

For regeneration, but also use the swimming pool aqua aerobics, which is located about 200 m from the hotel 


Artificial field

We use this field to practice shooting and stick handling.



In the gym we practise agility, fitness, coordination skills or trainings in the bad weather.